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Hager City man charged with sex crimes

A 39-year-old Hager City man who ran away last year with his high school-age cousin has been accused of sexually assaulting and secretly videotaping family members.

Wade Swenson was charged in Pierce County Circuit Court last week with multiple felonies--including second degree sexual assault and sexual assault of a child--in connection with the incidents.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department started investigating Swenson last October after one of the alleged victims said Swenson videotaped her being naked in a bathroom without her consent, according to the criminal complaint.

The investigation picked up more evidence when, in December, another alleged assault victim came forward with multiple videos of Swenson having sexual intercourse, including with a then-15-year-old child. The victim told authorities she didn't know about the tapes until Swenson wanted them out of his house and she was curious about the content. The child, who is now 18, told law enforcement she was in those tapes and admitted to having intercourse with Swenson.

Overall, Swenson was charged with second degree sexual assault of a child, sexual exploitation of a child, possession of child pornography, three counts of second degree sexual assault of an unconscious victim, four counts of capturing image of nudity and invading privacy. If convicted, he is looking at nearly 240 years prison and a $650,000 fine for all the charges.

For more please read the Nov. 4 print version of the Herald.