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If Tom Barrett becomes governor, he would spends a lot of time in Milwaukee

If Tom Barrett runs for governor and wins, don't be surprised if he still spends a lot of his time in Milwaukee.

Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice quotes the Milwaukee mayor as saying he won't move his kids out of their current high schools and he'd still have to be able to spend a lot of time with his family at home.

Bice says Gov. Jim Doyle and his Democratic strategists are trying to convince Barrett that he can govern the state and still live where he is.

They noted that Doyle has a little-used office in downtown Milwaukee, and Barrett could get away with driving to Madison a few days a week, about an hour and 15 minutes drive each way.

Governors from many other states now do the same thing.

But Bice says some Democrats are not happy about the idea, because they believe people outside the Milwaukee area would find it hard to stomach.

To them, Bice wrote "The only thing worse than having a governor from Milwaukee would be having a governor in Milwaukee."

Barrett has said he would announce later this month if he'll run in next November's election.

The Democrats do not have any declared candidates at the moment, after Doyle said he would step down.