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New archbishop attacks pro-abortion Catholic group

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee's newly-appointed Catholic archbishop has condemned a church group that promotes access to emergency contraceptives.

The Young Catholics for Choice are helping a Wausau family planning clinic with a statewide campaign this month to urge more access to the morning-after-pill.

Rev. Jerome Listecki, who's leaving as the bishop in La Crosse to take the Milwaukee post, says the group disowns its Catholic heritage by going against the church's teachings on abortion and human sexuality. The groups say the pill is designed to ward off pregnancy - and without it, rape victims could be victimized by having babies. But many U.S. Catholics contend that the drug also interferes with implanted embryos, and thus can be used for abortions.

Listecki's comment is similar to the stand taken the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. But Jon O'Brien of the Catholics for Choice in Washington says Catholics throughout the world use contraception for family planning - and they continue as Catholics in good standing. O'Brien says he welcomes Listecki's comment, because the church needs to talk about the issue.