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Farmers rally in front of Vernon County courthouse for raw milk seller

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VIROQUA - Wisconsin farmers rallied outside of the Vernon County Courthouse to stand beside their fellow raw milk supporter.

"We're going to make it so clear how many people want our farmers, Wisconsin dairymen, on the farm, doing the job that they know how to do. And that's make great quality milk," said raw milk supporter, Steven Trautman.

The individual they were supporting - Max Kane who is suspected of selling raw milk on the Internet.

"Everyone drinks raw milk, and everyone knows everyone drinks raw milk. And what we need to do is just come as a society and accept that more socially," said Kane.

Wisconsin wants to investigate its suspicion of Kane selling raw milk by interviewing him under oath, something he feels is unconstitutional.

"I'd love to go under oath. My understanding, I was under oath all day today. You can't go into court and lie. They can subpoena me all they want. As long as the subpoena is compliant with the constitution," said Kane.

The court ruled against Kane, saying Wisconsin does have the right to interview him under oath. Kane did not agree and plans to appeal the case.

"His decision violates my due process rights. I don't have any obligation under the constitution, I don't have any obligation what so ever to participate in an investigation where I will be giving the government information for my own prosecution," said Kane.

Today's court case was in no way a decision to make the sale of raw milk legal. Still, raw milk supporters wanted to make known their reasoning behind the legalization of raw milk.

"We have good raw milk. The kinds of farms that you'll find raw milk on are the flagship farms of Wisconsin. The benefits of it for consumers. The enzymes, the mineral availability, the milk from these excellent farms," said Trautman.