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Ellsworth Co-op Creamery plans for major expansion

Ellsworth Co-op Creamery General Manager and CEO Paul Bauer announced a major expansion for the creamery at the Ellsworth Village Board meeting Monday evening.

Bauer told the board the creamery has recently purchased new plant equipment that can double its product output and increase its retail sales to the public, but needs more space in order to do so.

"We've added new equipment to our plant, but we need more space in order to use it," Bauer said. "We are really hamstrung by our lack of space."

The proposal calls for the creamery to double its plant capacity at its current site by building on land it already owns. But Bauer said the creamery needs the village to be able to create a Tax-Incremental Financing (TIF) district and be able to obtain state grants and state Department of Transportation permits to help build new roads around the site, particularly in the rear of the plant, to handle increased car and semi-truck traffic.

"We plan on doubling our plant capacity, but that will also double our truck traffic," Bauer said. "So we need the village's help in fixing the traffic flow situation around the plant. Even right now, it's difficult for trucks and other vehicular traffic to maneuver in that area, so this is a chance to improve it."

For more please read the Jan. 6 print version of the Herald.