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Ellsworth Village Board not pleased with warehouse at old junior high

Members of the Ellsworth Village Board expressed their displeasure and exasperation Monday with the current owner of what was once the old junior high school building.

The building is currently being used as a warehouse to store supplies used in dollar stores. The owner, Mark Reisdorf of Mid-States Closeouts based in the Twin Cities, had planned on opening a dollar store branch in the building and renovating it to provide living quarters for his family as well.

However, board members and Village Public Works Director Greg Engeset feel Reisdorf has not lived up to agreements he made with the village to clean up the property, including hauling away trash and removing old semi-trailers.

"He says he's having money problems. He says he can't move the trailers because the brakes are frozen or whatever other reason he can come up with," Engeset said. "He's complaining that other businesses in town aren't following the same ordinances either. But the bottom line is he is not living up to the agreements he made with the board, which allowed him to have the site zoned commercial."

Trustee Dave Deiss all but called Reisdorf untruthful.

"Even if he came into the meeting right now, I wouldn't believe he was here," Deiss said. "He's made a joke of the whole thing and I don't believe a word he says. He needs to be held to the promises he made to us."

For more please read the Feb. 3 print version of the Herald.