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Officers say FTD planning now 'running on all cylinders'

With just five months to go, Pierce County organizers are growing confident they'll be ready to smoothly host the tens of thousands of visitors expected at Farm Technology Days (FTD).

From finances to food to displays, plans are coming together, said Pierce FTD Executive Committee Chairman Mel Pittman and Executive Secretary Greg Andrews last week.

As many as 80,000 guests and 800 exhibitors are expected to attend the July 20-22 event at the Roger and Beverly Peterson Farm. The annual statewide outdoor show moves to a different county each year. This will be the first time Pierce has played host.

In the last three months, the pace of planning has picked up, said Andrews. "A lot of progress has been made to the point I feel like the engine is running on all cylinders now."

"Overall my thought is we're doing quite well," agreed Pittman.

A multi-county meeting held early last December and a CD put together by the executive secretary for the 2009 show really helped, said Andrews.

"When it first lands in your lap, you feel, 'I'm out there on my own and I don't know what to do'," he said of organizing a show this size.

But, said Andrews, Pierce County organizers learned the basic recipe is there.

For more please read the Feb. 17 print version of the Herald.

Judy Wiff

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