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Elmwood High School hosts its first medieval feast

Student Aaron Larson, who presided as the priest during the Medieval Feast.1 / 3
Students Brian Tolonen, Jordan Jones and Jordan VandenBerge, who acted as the Strolling Minstrels. They are pictured playing in front of the King and Queen (teachers Dave Hoffman and Heather Sand).2 / 3
Teachers Nancy Wellington and Karen Fowell provided music whenever there was a lull or a break.3 / 3

ELMWOOD--As students and teachers at Elmwood High School spent last week getting ready for the first annual medieval feast Friday, uncertainty reigned.

"We didn't know what to expect," said teacher Dave Hoffman, who presided as "King" of the feast.

"None of us had ever done this before," student Brian Tolonen said.

The idea of a feast was the brainchild of first-year English teacher Steve Renfree, who has held a feast in his previous teaching stops. He said students have been reading works from Shakespeare, Beowulf, King Arthur and the Salem Witch Trials throughout the year in preparation.

And English wasn't the only subject covered. Renfree said students in grades 9-12 have been learning about the medieval era in science, arts, music, Spanish and technical education as well.

"Every student had to either build, sing or do a skit," Renfree said.

It didn't take long for those skeptics to be converted.

"It's been an absolute blast," Hoffman said.

"It's been a lot of fun, yet a lot of work," Tolonen said. "Things turned out pretty well."

For more please read the March 17 print version of the Herald.

Jason Schulte

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