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Pierce County 'Legacy Farms' program announced

For Pierce County farmers, the Legacy Farms project will become another first-of-its-kind opportunity for 2010 Farm Technology Days.

Officers and executive committee members have been very pleased farmers themselves are taking a prominent role in the project.

Legacy Farms of Pierce County began as a core group of farmers who wanted to support 2010 Farm Technology Days and be recognized as Legacy Farm donors in a variety of ways.

Farmers from every corner of Pierce County are already on board, and the group is rapidly expanding.

"The Power of Agriculture was chosen as the theme for Pierce County Farm Technology Days and it was carefully thought through," said Jim Harsdorf, Beldenville area farmer and a member of the executive committee.

The theme represents the importance of agriculture in terms of economic contributions, quality of life and protection of the environment.

"Pierce County farm families are proud of their farms," added Beth Ingli, fundraising coordinator. The Craig and Beth Ingli family farms in the Town of El Paso.

"We thought all along that farmers would want to be part of this event in a prominent way. So now, with the Legacy Farms program, those farms who become donors will have their family farm name permanently engraved into the monument sign at the event and in a permanent location in the county," said Ingli.

Some of the early Legacy Farms are choosing to dedicate the donation in the names of their parents or other family members.

The Legacy Farms program is being introduced to Pierce County farm families this week by mail.

Agricultural producers of all kinds are encouraged to become Legacy Farm donors.

Dairy farmers, corn and soybean growers, beef producers, landscape nursery growers, maple producers, equine facilities and other agricultural producers are welcome to join the program.

"As agricultural producers, we are all in this business together, maybe just in different ways," said Mel Pittman, chairman of 2010 Farm Technology Days.

Legacy Farms of Pierce County receive many benefits for their $300 donation.

Those include engraved names in the monument sign at the event and at a later permanent public place, recognition in the official FTD program, a commemorative special Legacy Farm official FTD collectable toy tractor (limited to the first 300 farms), limited edition Legacy Farm hat, recognition at the April 17 donor reception at Vino in the Valley, and newspaper and website recognition.

Farmers and landowners who do not receive a mailed Legacy Farms invitation are asked to contact Ingli at 715-639-2630, Harsdorf at 715-425-2138 or the Pierce County UW Extension Office at 715-273-6781.