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New load limits posted for Clifton Hollow Bridge

TOWN OF CLIFTON--Effective this Friday, the Clifton Hollow Bridge on CTH F, just north of CTH FF, will have new posted load limits.

The new restrictions will apply to heavy vehicles, but will not affect standard passenger cars, said Pierce County Highway Commissioner Chad Johnson.

A sag in the center span has increased in depth, said Johnson. He said his department has been inspecting the bridge monthly and there shouldn't be any sag at all in that type of bridge.

He said the recent change in a measurement prompted a third-party inspection and the revised load rating.

The new limits will be 11 tons for a two-axle vehicle, 17 tons for a vehicle with three or more axles and 27 tons for combination vehicles.

The old posted weight on the bridge is 40 tons.

The Clifton Hollow Bridge is scheduled for replacement in 2011. Johnson said design work and the environmental review continue to progress for the bridge and roadway project.

CTH F runs from Hudson to Prescott. The bridge is in the Town of Clifton.