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Tornado touches down near Oshkosh

A tornado touched down last night near Winchester, about 15 miles northwest of Oshkosh. Funnel clouds were also spotted in several other parts of eastern Wisconsin including Bellevue, Greenville, Luxemburg, Collins, Potter, and Boom Bay at Lake Poygan.

The Winchester tornado went down about 7:15 p-m. The National Weather Service said a house had roof damage, and a shed was blown into it. A garage was lifted off its foundation. And 17 properties had minor damage to sheds, windows, and roof shingles. Media reports said a camper flipped over near Larsen in Winnebago County. Numerous trees and power lines also went down in the region. Authorities reported no significant injuries.

Central Wisconsin also had thunderstorm damage earlier last evening. Plover had winds up to 64-miles-an-hour. Trees fell there, as well as Junction City and Iola. Marshfield had three-eighths-inch hail for 30 seconds straight. Lesser hail fell in Waupaca and Calumet counties. Weather Service crews will check the damage at Winchester today.

The tornado was the fourth to touch down in Wisconsin in the past week. The others occurred last Friday night in Marquette and Green Lake counties. Forecasters say there's a slight chance of rain today. But it will be partly cloudy for the most part, with highs in the 50's-and-60's statewide.