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No Asian carp found after Chicago fish kill

CHICAGO - No Asian carp were found in the poisoning of a small river south of Lake Michigan. Crews spent five days searching for the dreaded carp by poisoning a two-mile stretch of a river south of Chicago, and closing the O'Brien Lock to make sure none could get away.

About 100,000 pounds of dead fish turned up during the five-day operation - and not a single Asian carp was among them. John Rogner of the Illinois DNR called the effort a success. He says that it proves that Asian carp exists in very low numbers in the area - if they exist at all.

An earlier netting operation west of Chicago also failed to turn up Asian carp. But DNA tests have turned up signs of the bloated fish in Lake Michigan, past an electronic barrier west of Chicago that's supposed to the carp from moving into the Great Lakes along a connection from the Mississippi River.