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Ellsworth Village Board approves $2 million in sewer plant upgrades

The Ellsworth Village Board approved a plan to upgrade the wastewater treatment facility and sewer at a cost of $2,161,641 Monday.

The plan calls for a roughing filter upgrade, along with a new, 3.5-mile pipe to be installed to 410th Street for discharge. The village has been informed it is No. 1 on the Clean Water Fund grant list of federal stimulus money and officials hope to pay for some of the costs with such grants.

"If we don't pay for an upgrade now, we're really going to be paying for improvements in the future," Trustee Dick Hines said.

The board went with this recommendation of the Water and Sewer Committee, as it had the lowest maintenance cost, according to Committee Chairman Curt Wandmacher, of the plans presented to the committee. Ellsworth's aging wastewater treatment plant has been operating up against Department of Natural Resources (DNR) effluent limits and the upgrades will deal with this problem.

Earlier, the board approved the treatment plant's compliance maintenance resolution unanimously.

For more please read the June 9 print version of the Herald.