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Michaels, Vennerstrom join Prescott police

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PRESCOTT--The Prescott Police Department announces the hiring of two new part-time patrol officers, Eric Michaels and David Vennerstrom.

Both new officers have been in field training paired with experienced training officers, but will soon go on patrol on their own after completing the training program, according to Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko.

Bondarenko also announced the promotion of Officer Jeffrey Beltz from part-time to full-time patrol officer. The promotion, which was approved by the Police Commission, became effective May 26. Beltz fills the full-time position left open by the resignation of Officer Krystal Johnson, who left the department earlier this year to pursue a law enforcement career in Minnesota.

Michaels joined the department in April. He is a former reserve police officer in Evansdale, Ia., and has two years experience. Michaels was born and raised in Waterloo, Ia., and graduated from college in Minnesota. He is an avid outdoorsman and lives in Prescott.

Vennerstrom joined the department in May. He formerly served with the police departments in Woodville and Glenwood City, as well as the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, where he was a patrol deputy. He has 11 years full-time experience. Vennerstrom is from Superior and graduated from college in Louisiana. He enjoys spending time with his family and lives in St. Paul.

"Officers Michaels and Vennerstrom are great additions to our department. I am pleased to welcome them to Prescott," Bondarenko said.

Beltz serves as the department's evidence technician. He and his wife live in Hastings, Minn., where he once served as a part-time police officer.

The Prescott Police Department has seven full-time and four part-time patrol officers who provide 24-hour law enforcement services to the city.