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Nets to be installed to catch falling concrete from Milwaukee bridge

MILWAUKEE - Concrete chunks are dropping from the Hoan Bridge, which connects downtown Milwaukee to its southern suburbs. The state DOT will install plastic nets later this month to stop the concrete from falling at the Port of Milwaukee and the sewage treatment plant.

The DOT's Paul Trombino says the under-pinnings of the bridge remain sound, and the netting project is considered routine maintenance. But Milwaukee County board member Patricia Jursik is upset that the DOT has not started to replace the crumbling road surface on top of those supports. She and suburban officials want the roadway replaced as soon as possible. And they also want a four-lane parkway off the Hoan Bridge to be extended southward to the Milwaukee-Racine County line.

The DOT had planned to start engineering work this year on bridge resurfacing project, but the agency says it's still considering all its options. Jursik says the DOT is stalling by putting new nets under the bridge. She says it's how people are paying for the transfers of state gas tax revenues to other parts of the state