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Man shoots up house in fear of intruders dressed as clowns

ROBERTS - A 40-year-old man has been taken into custody after he devastated the inside of a house in Roberts with shotgun blasts in an attempt to thwart perceived clown intruders.

Sheriff Dennis Hillstead said the man was apparently suffering from some kind of hallucination when the incident took place at 3:56 a.m. Friday (July 9) at the home of his parents where he resided.

"Deputies got a report that a number of rounds had been fire within the home," Hillstead said. "More shots were fired when the deputies arrived and he apparently fired a shot at his parents as they fled in a vehicle and hit the windshield."

The man came out of the house carrying a shotgun, with a bag of shells over his shoulder and yelling at persons unknown, the Sheriff said. He was taken in to custody without incident and has been placed in emergency detention.

He told investigators that he felt that a number of men dressed in clown suits were attempting to invade the house, Hillstead said. The home was severely damaged during the shoot-up.

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