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The tuba and the saxophone were among the instruments heard during a jam session for the Ellsworth Polka Fest. The 35th version of the local event was again staged at the Pierce County Fairgrounds under mostly typical summer conditions.1 / 4
A large crowd gathered outside the fairgrounds shelter for this year's jam session during the Polka Fest. Many campers were in evidence on the grounds for the event, too.2 / 4
People enjoyed dancing under the fairgrounds shelter during a jam session on what proved to be one of the most comfortable Polka Fest evenings. Another dance floor was available under a tent on the grounds.3 / 4
The Polka Fest jam session audience was treated to concertina playing by 13-year-old Josh Eisdorf of Hastings, Minn. The youth is following the lead of his grandfather, who's a member of a band which performed at the event. -- Photos by Bill Kirk4 / 4