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Midwest leaders meet with White House officials on Asian carp

WASHINGTON D.C. - Midwest leaders are meeting with White House officials in Washington today, to talk about ways to keep the invasive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.

Governors Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Ted Strickland of Ohio are among the leaders meeting with John Goss, President Obama's new point man on the issue. The head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Nancy Sutley, is also there along with officials from the Army Corps of Engineers and other federal departments.

The meeting comes as a federal judge in Chicago considers a lawsuit from Wisconsin and four other states demanding tougher federal action against the bloated carp. Among other things, they want a more permanent electronic barrier near Chicago to keep the fish out of Lake Michigan. They also want two shipping locks at Chicago to be closed, until a more permanent solution is found to end the link between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River - where the carp has flourished in recent years.