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Hastings couple celebrates 75 years of togetherness

Errands had to be run, so Kenneth and Dorothy Reese left their nice home on Eighth Street in Hastings, Minn., drove out Minn. Hwy. 55 and walked into Walmart.

The day was like many others. They walked hand-in-hand as they approached the store and were eventually stopped by a kind woman.

"It's so nice to see a couple like you guys holding hands," the kind woman said.

Ask the Reeses and they'll tell you it's that kind of little stuff that makes marriage work for them.

It's a recipe that has held up well over the years. All 75 of them.

Long, long ago in a small Baptist church in Woodville, Kenneth and Dorothy were married. There were no flowers. No photographer.

Just a simple wedding. It was Oct. 19, 1935.

"We had a simple wedding, but it lasted," Dorothy said.

Whether it is doing dishes, doing laundry or running errands at Walmart, you will likely see the couple together.

"Where you see one of us, you see the other," Dorothy said. "We try to do things together."

The Reeses have traveled to Australia twice, Europe twice and even visited Ecuador.

"We have just gotten along so good," Dorothy said. "He has spoiled me rotten."

As the Reeses prepared to celebrate, their family members were hard at work, readying for a big party to celebrate the anniversary.

For more please read the Oct. 27 print version of the Herald.