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Wood sentenced to nine months in jail

TOMAH - Former state Representative Jeff Wood of Chippewa Falls has been sentenced to nine months in jail with three years of probation in his final impaired driving case.

The 41-year-old Wood pleaded no contest in Monroe County to OWI, for driving erratically in Tomah in 2009 under excessive amounts of medication. A charge of bail jumping was dropped. He'll report to jail on February 18th. It was Wood's third impaired driving conviction in the last 25 months. Like the others, he'll serve his jail time in Chippewa Falls. And he can leave during the day to go to work.

That provision generated controversy last month, when he was on work release for his second conviction. He was working at a ShopKo store when he was allowed to drive to Madison to help Democrats as they scrambled to approve employee union contracts before Republican Governor Scott Walker could make changes. Wood cast the deciding Assembly vote in favor of the contracts, but they failed to pass the Senate.

Wood, an independent, left office on January third. He did not seek re-election after eight years in the Assembly.