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Trial continues in Sparta in domestic muder case

SPARTA - Testimony continues in Sparta today in the trial of an Illinois woman accused of shooting an ex-boyfriend to death last April.

Prosecutors said 47-year-old Tammy Cole drove from Big Rock, Illinois to Tomah - argued with Vance Evans at his house - shot him in the back of the head - and opened a natural gas valve to cover up the murder. Monroe County District Attorney Dan Cary said it was all because Cole was jealous over a new girlfriend the 53-year-old Evans had.

But defense lawyer Kristine Peshek called the shooting an accident. She said the bullet's trajectory from the victim's skull to his forehead did not suggest that an execution was pulled off.

In the initial testimony, friend Neil Bender said the Evans' relationship with Cole ended when he moved to Tomah in 2009. And Bender knew that Cole was still in love with him, although the feelings were not mutual.