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Minnesota bar owner charged with buying beer and liquor wholesale in Wisconsin

ROSEVILLE, Minn. - A Minnesota bar owner is due in court July 12th on a charge that he bought wholesale beer-and-booze in Wisconsin, after he was banned from buying it in his home state.

It's just the latest legal problem for 43-year-old Michael Ogren of Roseville, Minnesota. He was earlier charged with theft-by-fraud, for allegedly securing a $600,000 loan with stock he was about to give up to another lender. Media reports said Ogren is also liable for millions-of-dollars in civil rulings since 2008 against him and his businesses. In his latest case, prosecutors said Ogren bought wholesale alcohol across the river in Wisconsin, because he couldn't buy it from Minnesota suppliers since he was on a state tax delinquency list.

Ogren is accused of illegally buying 100 kegs and a-thousand bottles of beer, and 100 bottles from liquor from a Hudson store from last October through December, to resell at his sports bar in White Bear Lake near Saint Paul. Ogren's earlier case involved a struggling nightclub he owned east of Saint Paul, which closed in 2009 and later re-opened with a new owner. Authorities said Ogren used the club as collateral for a loan, even though he promised he'd give the club's stock to somebody else. He's due in court August 15th on that charge in Anoka County, Minnesota.