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Investigators say morning home fire in Ellsworth a suspected arson

A fire took place inside this home on 323 N. Grant St in Ellsworth Tuesday.

A fire at rental home on 323 N. Grant St. in Ellsworth Tuesday morning is being deemed a suspected arson according to investigators. The Pierce County released information about the fire this afternoon.

The fire was reported at 6:25 a.m. by a Pierce County Sheriff's deputy patrolling the area. Members of the Ellsworth Fire Department, Ellsworth Police Department and Pierce County Sheriff's Department arrived at the scene. They saw smoke coming out of the roof of the rambler-style house. Fire fighters put out the blaze inside the home and an Xcel Energy crew arrived to turn off the power inside the home.

No injuries were reported and the homeowner was not at the residence. The home is owned by Brem LLC under Darrin and Tammy Foss and is a rental property.

The fire is still under investigation and the state Dept. of Justice - Criminal Investigation has been contacted. The initial investigation suspects arson as the cause of the fire. Anyone with information on the fire is asked to contact Investigator Doug Ducklow of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department at (715) 273-5051.