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More State Supreme Court allegations

State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman told sheriff's investigators about a second physical altercation involving Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. But Bradley and two other justices insist it never happened. According to sheriff's records, Dane County deputies were investigating the June 13th spat between Bradley and Justice David Prosser when Gableman told them about another incident in September of 2008. Gableman had been on the court for only a month-and-a-half. He said he was meeting with other justices when he made a joking remark to Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, and called her by her first name. He said Bradley then walked over to him, struck him on the back of the head, and said he needed to quote, "show some respect to the chief." He said Bradley was apparently serious, because no one who saw it was laughing about it. But Bradley told the Wisconsin State Journal the incident could not have happened. Abrahamson said there were no meetings or court conferences that week, and her own records showed appointments in Milwaukee and elsewhere. Also, the paper said Justice Pat Roggensack had asked that the court not schedule anything in the last half of September in '08 - and Abrahamson said the request appeared to have been granted. Former Justice Janine Geske told the State Journal that Gableman's claim and the denials were "bizarre" and "disturbing." Geske, who's now a Marquette law professor, said she's known Bradley for 20 years - and she can't imagine her hitting another justice in anger because Gableman called Abrahamson by her first name. She said that even the court's custodial staff called her Shirley.