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Fair truck, tractor pull winners announced

Once the Pierce County Fair got underway on Aug. 11, it wasn't long before you heard the roar of the truck pull starting in the grandstand.

The fair switched up the pulls this year and the truck pullers took center stage first. Pullers from all across Wisconsin and Minnesota entertained the crowd while providing fun and excitement. Many styles and sizes of trucks competed for the prize money.

2011 Truck pull winners were:

Winners distance pulled

5700# Local Stock, Brian Betterly, 298.1', Jered Smith, 283.6', Gordy Schavar, 276.2'

6200# Local Stock, Brian Betterly, 311.8', Teresa Nelson, 311.6', Tanner Brown, 305.11'

5700# Improved Stock, Dave Ward, 303.5', Wayne Stein, 302.8', Brian Betterly, 300.6'

6200# Improved Stock, Wayne Stein, 302.6', Don Stark, 298.5', Dave Ward,


5700# Street Legal, Tony Hovez, 291.1', Dan Hove, l284.1', Darin Schuster, 274', Ken Nelson, 252.2'

6200# Street Legal, Darin Schuster, 297.4', Dan Horel, 296.1', Tony Jorez, 293.6', Ken Nelson, 290.8'

5700# Street Mod, Alex Kittleson, 241.4'

6200# Street Mod, Shawn Volberg, 306.6'

5700# FWD Mod, Shawn Volberg, 298.6', Dan Breozowski, 290.11', Conner Loutsch, 269.7', Scott Jones, 204.3

6200# FWD Mod, Shawn Volberg, 299.2', Dan Breozowski, 298.11', Chad Smeby, 220.5'

4000# Open Class, Scott Jones, 307.2', Connor Loutsch, 304.1', Chad Briard, 285.1', Jim Brown, 279.1'

8000# Stock Diesel, Matt Joslin, 297.9', Dan Stark, 287.4', Steve Hovde, 278'

8000# MOD Diesel,

Wes Kusilek, 305.4, Josh Steinmetz, 300.9

Ann Webb is the Pierce County Fair Coordinator.

For more please read the Sept. 7 print version of the Herald.