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Reports indicate increase in deer harvest opening weekend

We won't know until later today -- but Wisconsin deer hunters apparently had more success than a year ago in the opening weekend of the nine-day gun season.

A registration station in Askeaton in northeast Wisconsin reported more deer than last year. And Tim Fuller said the deer were a little bigger, showing that hunters are taking their time and not shooting the first things they see.

The DNR said harvests were up in many parts of the state on Saturday until sleet, snow, and rain hit the northern part of Wisconsin in the afternoon. But yesterday was dry, and the DNR said the hunting conditions were ideal. And in the far north, hunters had the added benefit of tracking snow. Up to six inches fell in parts of Vilas County on Saturday. Almost 604,000 licenses were sold as of Friday. That's four-thousand fewer than a year ago, but the numbers are expected to rise as license sales continue during the week.

And the weekend was apparently safe. No hunting deaths were reported, and there was only one report of an injury. That was in Clark County, where authorities said a hunter was wounded about three miles southwest of Thorp early yesterday. An early investigation showed that a hunter was shooting a deer when he hit another member of his group. The victim was taken to a Marshfield hospital, and there was no word on the person's condition.