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Ewers charged with PC bank robbery and drunk driving

Denton R. Ewers, 48, 1546 S. Wasson Lane, River Falls was charged Monday, Nov. 21, with robbing a Plum City Bank and drunk driving-7th offense. The charges were made in Pierce County Circuit Court.

Ewers will have a preliminary court hearing Wednesday, Nov. 30. He's being held in jail on a $10,000 cash bond.

According to the criminal complaint, Ewers is accused of robbing the bank of about $4,700 late Friday afternoon. He allegedly threatened to shoot a teller though he didn't actually display a weapon.

Ewers was stopped driving west on Hwy. 10 after he left the bank. Sheriff's deputies didn't find a weapon, but they did allegedly recover $4,341 in a maroon bag and $355 in Ewers' vehicle.

Ewers, also charged this time with drunk driving, has been convicted six times already for drunk driving since 1990, twice in Pierce County.