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More information coming out on domestic disturbance which led to Lake City shooting

LAKE CITY - We're learning more about the domestic disturbance that preceded a shooting incident involving a Hager City man in Lake City.

A 17-year-old girl told police she broke up with 25-year-old Alan Sylte of Hager City last week after he got violent. Officials said he sent the girl 282 text messages last weekend. They were fighting at her family's house on Monday morning when officer Shawn Schneider responded -- and Sylte shot and wounded him. The girl said she heard gunshots while she fled the area. And she told police she felt two rounds "go by her" as she turned around and saw the officer fall to the ground.

That left Sylte alone with other officers -- and he went inside and began a stand-off which lasted most of the day. When the police finally went in the house late in the day on Monday, they found Sylte dead. A medical examiner said Sylte took his own life. Officer Schneider remains in critical condition today at a hospital in Rochester.