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Afternoon State News Briefs - Tammy Gass of Mosinee killed after being struck by car

MOSINEE - A bicyclist who was killed yesterday when she was hit by a car near Mosinee lost her previous husband in a bicycle crash almost four years ago, just a few miles from where the woman was struck.

44-year old Tammy Gass of Mosinee died yesterday when a car hit her bike on Marathon County Trunk KK in the town of Mosinee. The car driver, a 42 year old woman, was cited for driving with a suspended license. The Wausau Daily Herald said that in 2008, Gass lost her husband Gregg Bednorski when his bike crashed into a parked car, also on KK. She married Tim Gass in January, and Brenda Sunby told the paper they were planning to leave on Tuesday for a honeymoon in Costa Rica. Tammy and Tim Gass had four children between their two marriages. Funeral arrangements are pending.


Far northwest Wisconsin was getting pounded with heavy rains this afternoon. The National Weather Service said 3 to 4 inches fell in the Duluth-Superior area, with 6 inches in some areas and about 2 more inches on the way for tonight. Urban and small stream flood advisories have been posted in Douglas, Burnett, and Washburn counties. Three quarter inch hail fell this afternoon near Menomonie in the Eau Claire area. Meanwhile, a tornado watch is in effect in 33 counties in northwest, western, and central Wisconsin until 10 this evening. Severe thunderstorm watches are in effect until 10 p.m. for six counties in southwest Wisconsin. Most of the Badger State was hit with high winds this afternoon. Gusts peaked at 47 miles an hour at Mauston. A fallen tree branch caused a power outage near Shorewood Hills in the Madison area. The National Weather Service said the storms followed the track of a low pressure system that's busting through very warm temperatures in Wisconsin. Waupaca hit 90 degrees at four this afternoon, and most parts of the state were in the 80's.


Fish biologists pulled two large Asian carp out of a park lagoon on the west side of Chicago today. The bighead carp weighed about 60 pounds each. Chris McCloud of the Illinois DNR said the invasive fish were probably brought to the lagoon many years either when it was stocked or by a fisherman's bait bucket. The lagoon is not connected to Lake Michigan or the waterways that lead to the carp infested Mississippi River. Still, the Illinois DNR says it wants to remove Asian carp from any Chicago area waterways. Earlier this month, the Obama White House promised to speed up its search for a way to prevent the invasive Asian carp from getting into the Great Lakes, and threatening native fish and the Midwest's large commercial fishing industry.


The Milwaukee Police Department reports it has fired one officer and demoted another one. The moves are the latest in a long list of punishments for officers caught breaking department rules. Officer Eric Wurth was fired for using police equipment to conduct background checks on people. And, the department demoted court liaison officer Joanne Sunn for driving her personal car during work hours, taking long lunch breaks, showing up late for work and leaving her post too early.


Madison police say a mom may have prevented a gunfight in her apartment building last night. She apparently yelled at some young men, one with a gun in his waistband, to get out of the building, then she called police. She told officers she saw several young men in her building posturing as if they were going to fight. By the time police arrived, the men were gone. The woman said she knew a couple of the suspects by their street names, but didn't know anything about the man with the gun.


We're not hearing those warnings about $5.00 per gallon gas by summer so much any more. Gas prices are expected to rise for the Memorial Day weekend, but the average price in Madison right now is $3.63 a gallon. It's about $3.71 statewide. That's a drop of 12 cents a gallon in the last month. The national average has dropped 17 cents in the last month and stands at $3.68 per gallon. No industry experts are projecting major price jumps right now. Less consumer demand and easing Middle East tensions have lessened the pressure at the pump