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Afternoon News Brief - Waukesha store clerk, Nayyer Rana, killed in suspected robbery.

A convenience store clerk shot and killed in Waukesha early today has been identified as 56 year old Nayyer Rana. A customer saw Rana's body on the floor of the Broadway Petro Mart in Waukesha around 4:20 this morning. He died of apparent gunshot wounds. Police captain Ron Oremus said robbery was being investigated as a possible motive, but it has not been determined how much money was missing, if any. Officials said they do not have a description of a suspect. Police are seeking any information the public might have about the incident. The same convenience store was robbed early on May 14th, but police say there's no known connection between that incident and today's shooting death. Also, a nearby restaurant was robbed on May 10th. Investigators are not sure if that's connected-or-not, either.


Four meetings will be held next month, to give Wisconsinites a say on the new wolf hunting and trapping season. Earlier this year, lawmakers and the governor approved a season that runs from October 15th through the end of February. The Natural Resources Board must still approve the finer details, like the number of hunting and trapping permits to be issued, and harvest quotas in various parts of the state. The public meetings will start at 6 p.m. on four dates in June, on the sixth at Spooner High School, June eighth at Black River Falls Middle School, June 14th at the UW Fond du Lac auditorium, and June 15th in Rhinelander at James Williams Middle School. The DNR Board plans to vote on the final wolf hunt details at its July 17th meeting in Stevens Point.


Governor Scott Walker said today he would not pardon any of his former Milwaukee County aides who are convicted in the ongoing John Doe probe. Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger in next Tuesday's Walker recall election, questioned earlier today whether the governor would pardon any of his former aides. But the Republican Walker said he mentioned before that he'd never do that and he said Barrett knows it. Walker accused Barrett of quote, "trying desperately to talk about anything except the success of our reforms." Walker said he's responsible for a billion dollars in state and local government savings, plus the creation of over 30,000 jobs. Walker also said Barrett, the Milwaukee mayor, is trying to divert attention away from Barrett's record in the city. Former Walker aide Darlene Wink struck a plea bargain, and was convicted of a minor charge in exchange for information to prosecutors. Four other Walker aides and associates remain charged in the John Doe, which involves Walker's years as the Milwaukee County executive. The charges include embezzlement and campaigning on taxpayers' time.