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Afternoon News Brief - Milwaukee man Stanley K. Bullock gets 20 years for stabbing death of Dedrie Kelly-Baldwin

A Milwaukee man was given a 20 year sentence for stabbing a woman to death last year. Stanley K. Bullock had told investigators two or three masked men had attacked the two as they slept. At the time, he said he had been "fooling around" with the victim and he thought her boyfriend had sent the attackers because of that. He also said he'd passed out twice before completing the call to 911. Doctors told police it was possible the cuts Bullock suffered had been self inflicted. He pleaded guilty to first degree reckless homicide last April. Relatives told police the victim, Dedrie Kelly-Baldwin, had wanted Bullock to move out of the apartment because he hadn't been helping cover the expenses. They said the two had argued the day before the killing.


A security guard at the Sears store in Madison's East Towne Mall tackled a shoplifting suspect yesterday morning, then held him until police arrived on the scene, despite threats from a possible accomplice. Russell Tschopik is accused of trying to steal a DVD player. While the security guard was holding the 23 year old suspect down, police say his friend, 21 year old Brianna Hughes, threatened to stab the guard if she wouldn't let him go. Police say they also found drug paraphernalia in Tschopik's car. Earlier yesterday, police say Tschopik had tried to steal a DVD player at a Walmart store, but he apparently dropped the player and ran away when someone told him to stop.