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Afternoon News Brief - Angela Asher suing 16 year old for daughters death in Eau Claire crash.

The mother of one of three teens killed from in a car crash in Eau Claire County is suing. Angela Asher is suing a 16 year old girl, the girl's family and insurance company after her daughter's death. In December of last year, the 16 year old allowed a 14 year old to drive in attempts to hill jump. That's involves speeding over crests of hills to get airborne. The 14 year old and Asher's daughter were both killed in the collision. Another teen later died from injuries. The lawsuit claims the 16 year old was negligent in letting the unlicensed driver get behind the wheel.


A woman who lived along a cliff on Lake Superior fell to her death while pruning branches. Bayfield County authorities were contacted Tuesday by a friend of the woman who hadn't seen in a few days. Deputies investigated the home, discovering gardening tools near the edge of the property. After climbing about halfway down the 90-foot cliff, they spotted the woman's body in the water.


Milwaukee police say they are looking for a suspect who may be a serial bank robber. They believe one man may have stuck up five banks in that city and its suburbs. The most recent robbery happened at Tri-City Bank on 27th Street. Detectives say the man goes into the bank and gives the teller a note demanding money. He hints that he is armed, but has never shown a gun. The suspect is said to be black, 35 to 50 years old, 5-feet-2 to 5-7, around 140 to 170 pounds with a medium-stocky build.


A fraud conviction will send the former procurement manager for the Milwaukee Area Technical College to prison for three years. Kristin Seimits also has to pay more than $377,000 dollars in restitution. She was found guilty of stealing more than a quarter-million dollars. Investigators say the 44 year old woman charged several items to the college between 2005 and 2011, including a car, a wedding trip, vacations and furniture.