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State trying to determine extent of pipeline leak contamination

JACKSON - State officials are starting to determine the extent of groundwater contamination where a gasoline pipeline broke in southeast Wisconsin.

Scott Ferguson of the state DNR said seven monitoring wells were installed as of yesterday, and one more's going in. They'll determine how deep the contamination is - and how far gasoline has spread along bedrock away from the pipeline's corridor. It was two weeks ago today when over 50,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from a line near Jackson that was owned by the West Shore Pipeline Company. It cut off gasoline supplies for five days northward to Green Bay, and it contaminated private water wells on at least seven properties nearby.

Water samples have been tested at 70 homes nearby. The results are pending. Polluted soil was removed from the area last week, and it was being replaced yesterday with fresh material. Meanwhile, federal officials are investigating a crude oil spill of over 50,000 gallons in one of four Enbridge Energy pipelines that send oil from Superior to Chicago. The rupture sent oil a thousand-feet into the air last Friday in the town of Grand Marsh in central Adams County. Most of the oil spilled onto the company's right-of-way, but two families were still evacuated yesterday. There's been no evidence of soil contamination from the petroleum. The ruptured line was being repaired yesterday, and federal officials had the damaged pipe sent to a lab for investigation. There was no word on what caused the line to rupture.