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PCHA gets grants for negative storage

The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Council for Local History has notified the Pierce County Historical Association (PCHA) it has received one of 30 mini-grants awarded to Wisconsin local historical societies in 2012.

This year's mini-grant program focused on projects and activities strengthening a local organization's ability to preserve and manage historical collections. The selected projects, supported in part by the mini-grant program, are an important part of the work done by local organizations to collect and preserve Wisconsin's history at the community level.

The PCHA, headquartered in Ellsworth, is a member of both awarding historical organizations. The grant money will be applied to the purchase of archival storage boxes for over 1,000 5x7-inch glass plate negatives acquired as part of the Haakon W. Lawrence Photography Studio in Ellsworth.

The family of former Ellsworth resident Dr. Wallie R. Lawrence gifted the Lawrence property, buildings and contents to the association in January. The H.W. Lawrence negatives contain valuable, one-of-a-kind visual information about community and rural life at the heart of Pierce County between 1905 and World War II.

Proper storage is vital to their preservation and use in future educational endeavors.