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Fall cleaning

The Pierce County Fall Clean Sweep accepted hazardous and other waste at the county recycling center Saturday. Unwanted medications were also taken at the event. Homeowners, farmers and business people brought in pesticides, fertilizers, solvents, fuels, cleaning agents, lead, oil- and latex-based paints, and more. Pleasant late summer weather may have kept the number of participants down, however. Signs around the center directed people to various collection stations.1 / 4
A Fall Clean Sweep worker examined materials in a participant's trailer at the appliance collection station Saturday.2 / 4
Waste oil was poured into a tank by a Fall Clean Sweep worker in front of the county's recycling center Saturday.3 / 4
Fall Clean Sweep workers carried containers of waste items away from a procession of vehicles headed through Pierce County's recycling center Saturday. -- Photos by Jason Schulte4 / 4