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Minnesota News Roundup: Today is the 23rd anniversary of Jacob Wetterling's abduction

ST. PAUL -- Officials at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center are holding out hope that he's still alive 23 years after being abducted in St. Joseph. Wetterling was 11-years-old on October 22nd, 1989 and would be 34 today. Program coordinator Alison Feigh says abductors usually tell somebody else what they did and with all the time that has passed, they're hoping "to reach that other person who they've told, disclosed what they've done." Feigh says they're also hoping that person will be brave enough to come forward so the Wetterling family and the community get the answers they've been waiting for. The Wetterling Resource Center is asking families to leave a porch light on today to honor Jacob.


The investigation continues after a man arrested on a felony warrant in Rochester died while being handcuffed by police. An autopsy identified 39-year-old Mark Prom of Rochester as the man who assaulted one of two officers and was being subdued when he became unresponsive and stopped breathing. Prom's cause of death has not yet been determined. The two officers are now on standard paid administrative leave.


Investigators are sorting out an incident in central Minnesota which left a man dead and his alleged shooter in critical condition. Officers were called to a residence in the town of Rockville after 30-year-old Jeffery Schutz was found dead after being shot. Police apprehended 28-year-old Marcus Michael Barshaw of Walker and shot him several times after he refused to drop his assault rifle.


A suspect facing charges of attempted murder in Duluth turned himself in to authorities over the weekend. Twenty-five-year-old Donald Lacquier-Jackson, who had been at-large for almost a week, called 9-1-1 Friday night and was taken into custody by Duluth Police without incident. He and another suspect are accused of assaulting a man and woman with a baseball bat and stabbing the woman in the chest. The second suspect, a 17-year-old male, was arrested the day of the alleged assault. Police believe the incident was gang-related.


Whooping cough is afflicting Minnesotans at record levels this year -- with nearly 39-hundred cases reported so far. Kris Ehresemann with the Department of Health says that's due in part to whooping cough being a cyclical disease and she says the effectiveness of pertussis vaccinations wanes after a few years. That's why Ehresmann encourages kids who received primary vaccinations as infants and boosters as toddlers or pre-schoolers also get another booster, called a T-DAP.


Authorities have identified the elderly woman who died in a chain reaction crash in the Twin Cities suburb of St. Louis Park over the weekend. According to police, a car rear-ended an S-U-V which set off a series of collisions involving five cars. Ninety-seven-year-old Margaret Bauer of Victoria, a passenger in one of the vehicles, was killed in the wreck. No one else required medical attention.


Minnesota's housing market continues to show gains but still there are those who are leery about taking on the responsibility of owning their own home. Minnesota Housing Commissioner Mary Tingerthal says now is the time to get the ball rolling. She says for low- and moderate-income residents who qualify, the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency is able to offer mortgage rates at two-point-75-percent, the lowest in its history.


Much-loved Jay Cooke State Park just south of Duluth, badly damaged during this summer's floods, reopens to the public today. The D-N-R's Courtland Nelson says visitors will be able to come in from the west, from I-35, to the main part of the park. However, they will not be able to continue to the east down to Highway-3 into the south end of Duluth, because there is still much damage on that end. Nelson says the camping area, new interpretive center and most trails are open at Jay Cooke, but the popular swinging bridge remains closed due to severe damage from the floods.