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Powerball jackpot up to $500 million

Tonight's Powerball jackpot has grown to 500-million-dollars, thanks to a splurge of ticket sales from folks hoping to cash in. It's the world's second-largest jackpot on record, topped only by the 636-million-dollar Mega Millions' prize that was split by three groups of winners in March. Andrew Bohage of the Wisconsin Lottery estimates that around five-million-dollars' worth of Powerball tickets will be sold for tonight's drawing in the Badger State. Forty-percent of that revenue will end up going to Wisconsin homeowners for property tax relief. If you haven't played for a while, you may not know that the price of the tickets doubled in January to two-dollars - and it was designed to help the big jackpots grow faster, thus generating more ticket sales from players who only get in when the stakes are huge. The strategy is working, as Powerball sales are up 35-percent nationally from the last fiscal year. In Wisconsin, Bohage says the sales increase is 29-percent.

Meanwhile, a 49-million-dollar Mega Millions' jackpot was won last night in Georgia. Nobody from Wisconsin won the quarter-million-dollar second prize. The numbers of players winning smaller prizes was not immediately available. The Mega Millions' jackpot goes back to 12-million for the next drawing on Friday night.