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Gas prices could head under $3.00 in Wisconsin soon

Gas prices are heading downward in Wisconsin - and there's a chance that regular unleaded could go below three-dollars-a-gallon for the first time in two years.

Pam Moen of the Wisconsin Triple-"A" tells WKOW-TV in Madison that it's not out of the question that prices will dip below the three-dollar mark. This morning, the Triple-"A's" statewide average is just over $3.32-a-gallon for regular unleaded. That's down almost a nickel from last Tuesday, and it's seven-cents cheaper than a month ago.

Milwaukee Gas reports an average of $3.24 today in the state's largest metro. That's 13-cents less than a month ago. Milwaukee stations are charging as low as $3.16. Experts say that supplies exceed the demand, in spite of shortages in the Northeastern U.S. a month ago due to Hurricane Sandy.