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River Falls town board approves new radio tower

RIVER FALLS - The River Falls Town Board approved a conditional-use permit for Bob Bliss to operate a commercial radio tower as long as he complies with all the board's conditions.

The tower was built before the town had a law about radio towers, so the previous owner of the tower had been "grandfathered in."

When Bliss bought the tower, located off 950th Street, the board agreed Bliss must change some things about the tower before it granted him the permit.

Bliss must clean up the property by May 15, including mowing weeds and clearing out the junk laying around the tower.

The tower must be inspected by May 15, along with having proof of insurance, a secure fence around the base, and a no-trespassing sign on the fence.

The board also requires a bond or letter of credit from Bliss's bank and notification from Bliss should any of these conditions change.

"It's clear he wants to operate and maintain the tower," Supervisor Brad Mogen said.

Board members also agreed such conditions should be set in place for all pipelines, power lines and radio and cell towers in the town. They will look into this at a later date.

Julie Sponsler, N7649 950th St., came to the meeting to voice her concern over the tower being allowed to operate. Sponsler said she's trying to sell her home and worries how the tower will affect this sale.

Sponsler pointed out that the town's law says towers are permitted to be 150 feet, but the Bliss tower is 150 feet plus the height of the large antenna on top.

She wants all aspects of the tower to be in compliance with the town's law. The board promised to investigate this claim.

The board passed a resolution amending the fees for fire- and accident-call reimbursement.

A base fire call will be $800. Base costs for accidents will be $800 for a one-vehicle accident, $600 per vehicle for a two-vehicle accident and $500 per vehicle for a three-or-more-vehicle accident, plus the actual cost of the accident.

A salvage yard license renewal was approved for Ray Reiter, N7421 County Road O.

A certified survey map was approved for Mary Qualls, N7696 780th St. She wants to separate her home, driveway and ten acres from her 40-acre parcel and sell the remaining 30 acres, which lies off 770th St. near County Road W.

The map also has to be approved by Pierce County.

The county requires a minimum frontage of 100 feet along a public road. The 30-acre parcel has no frontage on a public road, so will require a rule exception. No more driveways will be allowed off the private road accessing the parcel.

Building permits approved by the Plan Commission in November:

Cedar Hill Greenhouse, W10007 State Highway 29, a new greenhouse, $7,500.

Dwayne Johnson, W10314 860th Ave., storage shed, $41,000.

Ty Tokheim, N8188 970th St., home remodel, $10,000.