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Crime and Court Roundup: Fifty-six-year-old murder case could be resolved in Sheboygan today

A 56-year-old murder case in Sheboygan could finally be resolved today. Ruby Klokow is scheduled to enter a new plea to a charge that she killed her six-year-old daughter Jeaneen back in 1957. The 76-year-old Klokow previously rejected a plea deal, until a settlement was announced last week. Officials would not give the details of the plea bargain until she appears in court at 8:30 this morning. Klokow is currently charged with second-degree murder. That was after her son James went to police in 2008 with graphic stories of child abuse in his family. He told officers that Ruby Klokow often beat him until he ran away when he was 13. Klokow was scheduled to go on trial today, and her sister Judy said she's glad that there won't be a full-blown trial.


A human rights lawsuit filed in Milwaukee could hinge on whether the wrong man was summoned as a defendant. After a four-hour hearing last week, Federal Judge Lynn Adelman said it was apparent that two private West Allis process servers mistook a man wearing a turban for state minister Parkash Singh Badal of India. Now, the Sikhs for Justice have 30 days to provide more evidence that the right man was served. And without that proof, the judge will most likely drop the group's human rights suit. The Sikhs for Justice are trying to get a U-S court to rule on its allegations that Badal oversaw the tortures and murders of Sikhs in India. Badal was in the Milwaukee area for a family wedding last August - and he went to Oak Creek High School to meet with relatives of six worshippers who were murdered at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. The Sikhs for Justice tried to take advantage of Badal's visit to serve him with their suit. The process servers who were hired insisted that their subject matched photos of Badal. But the minister's security team said he was not at the high school when the lawsuit was served. Badal was out shopping instead.


A two-week trial is scheduled to begin today for a Madison man accused of torturing and starving his teenage daughter. Jury selection is set to take place for 41-year-old Chad Chritton. He and his 43-year-old wife Melinda Drabek-Chritton are each charged in Dane County with six felonies and a misdemeanor. The woman has a two-week trial scheduled to start April 9th. The girl was 15 when a driver called police last February, after seeing the child in pajamas and bare-feet in cold weather. The witness said he mistook the girl for an eight-year-old. Prosecutors said they locked her in their basement for almost six years until she escaped -- and they allegedly refused to give her food as she slimmed down to 68 pounds. The girl told police she was beaten, starved, and forced to eat feces while she was confined. Officials said the girl is scheduled to testify in both trials. The charges against both parents include false imprisonment, felony abuse, causing mental harm to a child, and reckless endangerment. Also, the girl's step-brother is accused of sexually assaulting her.


Milwaukee Police hope an autopsy will provide clues into the death of a 50-year-old man whose body was found several hours after he was fighting with a group of people. Police said the body was found yesterday morning outside a home on Milwaukee's north side. The fight reportedly happened at a north side liquor store.