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Woman give all greasy details of 'Weenie Gate' to the USA Today

CEDARBURG -- A woman who claimed to steal one of the costumes of the Milwaukee Brewers' famous racing sausages has given all the greasy details to USA Today.

The Italian sausage Guido was returned Wednesday night to a bar in Cedarburg, after it stolen February 16th from a festival in that suburb. She said her group then went to a bar, and then to a music house where the seven-foot-tall sausage danced the Harlem Shake. She called the affair "Weenie Gate," and gave no names, of course. She sent a video and photos of the escapade to USA Today's Web site, along with an apology note filled with sausage-innuendos like quote, "You probably think I'm the wurst - spelled w-u-r-s-t."

The stolen sausage hit the media this week, complete with rewards from food companies as far north as Appleton. The woman told the distributors to quote, "donate the mustard and drink the beer" that they put up. Her note said they returned the costume because quote, "We have morals." Cedarburg Police have refused to say whether they'll keep investigating, or if they'll try to arrest the thieves. The owner of the sausage, Klement's, issued a statement welcoming Guido home.