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Regional News Round-up: Two Minnesota women extradited back to Wisconsin to face murder charges

APPLETON - Two Minnesota women have been extradited to Wisconsin to face murder charges that date back to 2007.

Prosecutors say 34-year-old Kandi Siveny and 38-year-old Rosie Campbell are accused in the death of Lara Plamann, who was found shot to death in a shed at Siveny's mother's home. Plamann was the partner of Diana Siveny, who is also charged in her murder. The criminal complaint says Campbell recently confessed to watching Kandi Siveny kill her mother's lover, because Diana Siveny thought Plamann was cheating on her.


The U.S. Coast Guard says it's unlikely that the invasive Asian carp can enter the Great Lakes by latching onto commercial vessels. And even if smaller carp manage to get into the boats' ballast tanks, they would almost certainly be killed by the tanks' pumping mechanisms when they try to return to open water. Scientists have been finding DNA from the bloated carp beyond an electronic barrier near Chicago that's meant to keep them out of Lake Michigan. And government experts are now studying whether the DNA could have come from sources other than the carp themselves - and whether the fish are finding ways to get around the barrier. A detailed report on those studies is due out later in March. One theory suggests that carp eggs and recently-hatched fish might be entering through cracks of tug boats and other vessels that do business on the Great Lakes. But a new Coast Guard report says there's only a "minimal risk" of it happening. Wisconsin and other Midwest states are trying to keep the Asian carp away at all costs, saying it poses a major threat to their multi-billion-dollar fishing industries.