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Western Wisconsin News Briefs: Judge refuses supervised release for Roalson

HAYWARD - A northwest Wisconsin man will spend the rest of his life in prison, after he brutally killed a 93-year-old woman almost four years ago.

Judge Kenneth Kutz refused yesterday to consider any possibility of a supervised release for Christopher Roalson of Radisson, who turns 31 later this month. A jury found him guilty last fall of homicide and burglary in the slaying of Irene Roszak at her home near Radisson in May of 2009. The judge ordered Roalson and his co-defendant, Austin Davis of Ojibwa, to pay restitution to the victim's family with whatever money they make in prison. Davis was sentenced last January to 25 years for serving as a lookout to Roalson - but after he appealed, his term was reduced to eight years. And he ended up testifying against Roalson. Prosecutors said the two men had planned to kill a couple that Roalson was arguing with, but a motion light at the couple's home scared them away. So they went to Roszak's house nearby, where Roalson shouted satanic references while repeatedly stabbing the woman and hitting her with a chair.


A south-central Wisconsin man was killed when his car collided with a semi-truck on a snow-covered highway. 26-year-old Matthew Cline of Argyle died at the scene of yesterday's crash south of Lancaster on Highway 61. Grant County authorities said Cline's car slid on blowing snow, veered into the opposite lane, and was hit by the semi. Three of Cline's passengers were hurt. The trucker escaped injury.