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Computer glitch leads to windfall for Oconomowoc woman

OCONOMOWOC - It was apparently a computer glitch which resulted in a worker at Stein Garden Center in the City of Oconomowoc getting 10 times the pay she was owed.

Forty-seven year old Lynda G. Johnson was paid at a rate of $88.25 cents an hour, instead of the $8.25 she was supposed to get. She wound up being overpaid by 10 thousand dollars. The company discovered the error about a month after Johnson quit last May. When contacted, she first said she didn't know anything about the money. Later, she told a Waukesha County Sheriff's detective she thought the money had come from her aunt and she had already spent it on a new roof for her home. Then, she said she had no intention of repaying it, saying it was the company's mistake - not hers.

She's been charged and, if convicted, could spend up to six years in prison. Johnson returns to court March 25th.