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Man hurt in accident at Hudson Golf Course

HUDSON - Officers from the Hudson Police Department were dispatched to a report of a man down at the Hudson Golf Course maintenance buildings Friday March 22, at approximately 12:14 pm. The buildings are located at 2001 Ward Ave., just east of Plaza 94.

A UPS driver reported finding a male at this location inside one of two buildings, lying in blood on the floor. When officers and EMS arrived they found a 35-year-old male on the floor in a semi-conscious state. The victim is an employee of the Hudson Golf Course.

The victim was suffering from a head injury. Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen said the department is unsure if the incident was an assault or an accident. Detectives from the Hudson Police Department are currently processing this scene and interviewing possible witnesses. They are treating the area as a potential crime scene.

St. Croix EMS transported this male to Regions Hospital in St. Paul. Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen said he believes this to be an isolated incident and that the public is not in any danger.

Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen reported Saturday that through the course of the investigation it has been determined that Chad Wang of Spring Valley was injured due to an accidental explosion.

"It appears Mr. Wang was opening a 55 gallon drum that was sealed," Jensen said. "Inside this drum was a small amount of oil. It looks like Mr. Wang was using an acetylene torch to open the top of this drum. An explosion occurred causing the top of the drum to be shot off and hit Mr. Wang in the head causing severe head trauma."

Wang is an employee of the Hudson Golf Course and was working alone in the maintenance building at the time of this incident. It is unclear how long Mr. Wang was laying on the floor before being found by the UPS driver at about 12:15 p.m. Friday. Jensen said it appears he could have been there a few hours. Wang is currently at Regions Hospital where his condition is unknown at this time.