Weather Forecast


NWS to give more detailed severe weather warnings to Wisconsin

Starting Monday the National Weather Service plans to give more detailed severe weather warning in Wisconsin and 13 other states.

The more descriptive information is being offered to help people get to safety sooner when the weather is threatening. The expanded warnings have been tested in Kansas and Missouri. When there is substantial evidence of the approach of a large and dangerous tornado, the warning will include the potential for considerable damage and listeners will be told to take shelter immediately. When a tornado has the potential for devastating damage, the warning issued will include the work "catastrophic."


It's one of the first signs of spring in northern Wisconsin. The ice road between Bayfield and Madeline Island on Lake Superior has closed for the season. The U.S. Coast Guard plans to start its icebreaking operations next Wednesday. A van or windsled will be used until the Coast Guard can clear enough ice to let the ferry start running again. The windsled makes five runs each day during the week and three runs per day on Saturday and Sunday. The Coast Guard has told fishermen to remove their shacks so it can break ice in the South Channel to Madeline Island.