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Red Wing stillborn baby incident remains under investigation

RED WING -- Authorities say it's still unclear how a stillborn baby ended up at a Red Wing laundry service Tuesday.

Employees of the linen service discovered the young boy after he fell out of a sheet being prepared for cleaning. Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman says the linens came from Regions Hospital in St. Paul and once officers responded the baby had already been collected by the hospital.

Pohlman says the baby was brought to the hospital morgue at Regions but it's unclear what happened from there. He says foul play has been ruled out and the criminal investigation has been closed.


Regions Hospital in St. Paul is offering an apology for the incident involving a stillborn baby who ended up in linens that were sent to Red Wing. In a statement, Regions officials say the remains of a baby boy had been wrapped in the linens at the hospital morgue and were mistaken for laundry that was sent out for cleaning. Regions has reached out to the baby's family to offer support and is offering counseling to the employees of the linen service. Chief Nursing Officer Chris Boese says the hospital is working to "identify the gap in our system" to ensure it doesn't happen again.