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Rodgers to get $40 million this year

GREEN BAY - Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers will get 40-million dollars this year - but the team still has plenty of salary cap room for this season, and maybe next.

Rodgers signed a five-year contract extension last week worth $110-million. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says he's getting a 35-million-dollar signing bonus and a half-million dollar workout bonus in 2013 - along with a base salary of four-and-a-half million. All told, Rodgers counts $12-million-dollars against Green Bay's salary cap for this year - just two-and-a-quarter million more than a year ago. That means general manager Ted Thompson has plenty of room, should he want to give contract extensions to other key players like nose tackle B.J. Raji and receiver James Jones.

The Packers are reportedly 13-and-a-half million dollars under their current salary cap. They'll need up to six-million of that to sign their draft choices and undrafted free agents. And the Pack can carry over any unused cap space in 2014.