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Ron Dayne named to the College Football Hall of Fame

MADISON - Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said no one in college football accomplished what Ron Dayne did. The 1999 Heisman Trophy winner was named yesterday to the College Football Hall-of-Fame.

Dayne will join 11 other players and two coaches in an induction ceremony on December 10th in New York. Dayne starred at Wisconsin from 1996-through-'99, and he left with the most yards in FBS history with 71-hundred-25 yards - including four bowl games. Alvarez coached Dayne during those four seasons. Dayne said his honors would never have come without the support of his teammates. Alvarez said Dayne's Hall-of-Fame recognition won't really sink in until he goes to New York in December and sees the magnitude of the other inductees' credentials.

Alvarez himself was elected to the Hall in 2010. The new inductees will increase the Hall's membership to 930 players and 202 coaches. Dayne will be Wisconsin's 13th member of the College Football Hall-of-Fame, and the 10th player.