Weather Forecast


Warm and dry weather this week to aid crop planting

It's supposed to be warmer-and-drier for most of the week, and Wisconsin farmers hope they can make up for some of the time they lost with their spring planting.

Officials said only 14-percent of the state's corn crop was in the ground by Sunday night. That's 10-percent more than a week ago, but 32-percent less than the average for the past five years. Just one-percent of the soybeans are planted, down from the normal 12-percent. A little over a-third of the Wisconsin oat crop is in the ground. Three-fourths of that crop has normally been planted by now. Spring field work is 26-percent complete. That's up from 12-percent a week ago, but still 37-percent below the norm. Officials report a lot of alfalfa damage caused either by winter-kill or the drought. The winter wheat crop has also had considerable damage, especially in the central and southern parts of the state.

Soil moisture is 73-to-79-percent adequate, due to recent rains. Scattered showers are in the Wisconsin forecast for this afternoon and tonight. Otherwise, it will be dry for the rest of the week. Highs in the 80's are expected today, and in the 70's at least into Saturday.